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A Wonderous Day at Wonder La, Kochi

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Wonder La, Kochi

Wonder La, Kochi

After two days of invigorating and refreshing sightseeing at Munnar, it was time for some Kick-Ass action. What could be a better place than Wonder La !?

Journey From Munnar to Kochi-

We had planned to catch a direct bus to Ernakulam(also known as Kochi) that was scheduled at 5:10 AM. The toughest task in this world must be waking up early morning. We were staying just in front of the bus stop; from where the bus stop was clearly visible. So I did get some extra time to sleep. As usual, I was the last one to wake up. My friend was almost ready by the time I woke up. I  finished my daily routine as fast as I can and got ready within minutes. It was 5:00 AM. We checked the bus stop from our balcony. There was only one bus and it was going to leave. We checked out from the hotel and went to the bus stop. It was 5:08 AM and there was no sight of any bus. Even at this early hour of the morning, a few shops and tea-stalls had opened. We went to one of those, ordered two cup of coffees and enquired about our bus. “The bus had already left!” came the reply. Ya. that was the same bus we had seen from the balcony. It had left before 10 mins of its schedule departure.

The next bus was at 5:40 AM. On that chilly foggy morning,  we found a few other travellers moving here and there at the bus stop, waiting for a bus. After 20 mins of impatient waiting, the bus arrived at 5:30 AM. The most irritating fact at Kerala is everything written in malayalam(or Tamil.. I don’t have a hint!) In the bus, everything was written in some foreign language. We found one comfortable seat and got settled. The bus left right on time .. at 5:40 AM. At the side of our seat, there was written something in that alien language. We were assuming it right, but only confirmed when the conductor arrived. It was written”Ladies Seat”. 😛 We had to change the seat . And in kerala, they were very perticular and strict on that unlike a few other states. And I like this fact. As the temperature was nearly at freezing point of water, the shutters of all the bus-windows were closed and we all lost to sleep again.

We were descending from high altitude. Due to the snake-like curved and down the hill road and change in altitude, I was feeling uneasy and uncomfortable. Which was the case for most of the travellers. I felt like vomiting, but controlled. We reached at Adimali nearly at 7AM, got out of the bus, breathed some fresh air and that really felt better. The bus moved ahead… Kothomangalam-Perambavoor-Aluva and then entered Kochi. We saw St. George’s Syro-Malabar Catholic Forane Church(Edapally), Lulu International Mall, Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium just at the side of the road. Then we got off the bus at Kallar bus stand and had a needy small breakfast at a resturant near the bus stand. Again be alert..!! As here also beef is a common food item. Make sure before sitting at a resturant. In stead of water, they had some redish liquid in their jugs. We were totally bewildered and went out of the resturant without drinking any water.It was already 10:50 AM. Luckily, we found a direct bus to Palikera. After a 40 mins ride, we got off right in front of Wonder La. The excitement and thrill knew no bound.

Wonder La, Kochi Main Building

Wonder La, Kochi Main Building

The Wonder La Ride

“Adventure is the pursuit of Life. Wear it or Get Lost !!” – Baba Jhunjhunwala

The entry time to the amusement park is  from 11 AM to 6 PM. We reached there by 11:30 AM. So it was not much of a loss. A bus took us from the entry gate to the main entrance. We booked two tickets and went inside.  There is two ticketing systems-Normal, Fast-track.

Ticket Price-
Adult- Normal-Weekdays -INR 510/- Normal-Weekends&Holidays- INR 660/-
Child- Normal-Weekdays -INR 400/- Normal-Weekends&Holidays- INR 520/-
Adult- Fast-track-Weekdays -INR 1020/- Fast-track-Weekends&Holidays- INR 1320/-
Child- Fast-track-Weekdays -INR 800/- Fast-track-Weekends&Holidays- INR 1040/-

Locker Price-
Small- INR 45/- (plus security money INR 200/-)
Large- INR 70/- (plus security money INR 200/-)

Group offers and special offers are also available. If you are going on weekends, go for Fast Track without a thought. For weendays, general ticket is sufficient.The benefit of Fast trach tickets is that you don’t have to stand on queues for each activity.You’ll have direct entry. They have Locker Facility(Small, Large, Group), Dress Changing Rooms, ATM counters, Wheelchair, Driver’s Rest Room, Lost & Found, Resturants, Toilets etc. Seventy activities are there in total. We booked three Large Lockers and kept our luggage and got ready. WO.. La.. La… !! It was time for action..

Wonder La, Kochi-  Park Map

Wonder La, Kochi- Park Map

The first one was “Snake Rides”. The first ride gave me a shaky  feeling. At some instance, I thought , I was gonna topple. But the ride is designed like that. After 5 rounds of it, we moved to “Fun Glides”. Then we tried a few other water games like Bullet Rides, Wave Pool, Play Pool, Water Pendulam, Rain Disco and finally reached at Vertical and Wavy fall. The entry point for the game was from the top of a four-storey building platform. There was two entrance. One for wavy fall and another for vertical fall. The wavy fall was excessively crowded and around 25 persons were in the queue . We also joined in the queue. We saw that  the vertical fall entrance was totally deserted. Hardly one person was there. So I moved there. The instructor told something in malayam. Hardly could I decode any of it. Then she asked me in english.”Are you sure you want to go for it ?” I was bit confused then why was she talking like that. But I went for it. It was just a slide-fall. What could happen ? I reassure myself and left my hands. For a few seconds, I slided smoothly. After that what happended, my heart was in my mouth. I was totally thunderstruck. It was a single steep fall from a four-storey height and with an angle of around 25 Degree with vertical. It was totally like a free fall. My heart was pounding like hell. After a few minutes of slide, when I reached ground , I displaced much water to create a pond in the desert. I just couldn’t imagine what if there weren’t any water. After the first ride, I had immense confidence and went for 4 more round at the same monstrous fall.

Inside Wonder La

Inside Wonder La

Then we started Land Amusements like Castle Jet, Pirate Ship, Jumping Frogs, Vintage Tornado, Spave Gun. Dancing Wheel, Thunder fall, Spinning Coaster, Flying Ammu. We watched Cinemagic Ride(a 7-D animated Movie). Then the real monster struck us. It was “Twin-Flip Monster”. A monster with two hands rotating,  flipping & turning like hell. Thank God !! We had ridden this monster at last. Otherwise we wouldn’t be in a state to ride any other game. The 10 minute of Human-Shake(ya.. it was like a shake in the grinder :p) will displace you from your brain to toe. Make sure , you go for it at the end and also make sure you don’t miss it.

Twin Flip Monster

Twin Flip Monster

We watched another two show . A movie on Chiku(The Wonderla Character) on xD-Max at 4 PM and a Laser and fountain show at 4:30 PM. The fountation show wonderful. Then we had lunch at one of the resturant and went to the changing room. I had a refreshing shower and checked out from the locker room. I then clicked some photos. I was going to click some more photos. But my friend was too worried about out catching the bus to Allepeey. As we had no idea, where to catch the bus . So we had planned of going to Ernakulam bus stand and catching a bus to Allepeey. My panic-stricken friend dragged me out of it . But when we reached at the gate, our joy knew no bound. We were totally exhilerated at the sight.Whoaa !!  A bus was standing right in front of the gate and on the board it was written “Alleppeey”.

“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen”- Paulo Coelho

It was 5:30 PM. The bus was scheduled to leave at 6:30 PM. The bus was going to Trivendrum via Alleppey and Kollam. We still had 1 hour at our hand. But we couldn’t go into the park, as we had already checked out. We clicked some photos out there.

Wonder La, Kochi

Wonder La, Kochi

Finally the bus left at 6:30 PM. After an exhilarating and tiresome , but wonderous day at Wonder La, we moved ahead to our next destination- ALLEPPEY-The Land of Backwaters.

Tip of the Day-

  • Take one pair of spare clothes with you.
  • Go for the “Twin Flip Monster” at the end.
  • Don’t forget to take your camera to the Laser & fountation show.

Good Bye from me and Chiku !

See You at Wonder La Soon.

See You at Wonder La Soon.

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